Animated Video tips for Optimum Office Supplies

Videos needn't be long to make an impact - clear messaging and simple illustration ensured the videoscribe presentations for the Optimum Office Tips series, designed for Optimum Office Supplies in Derby, were a hit.

Working closely with Founder and Director Samir Fahmy, the Hill Langdell design team created a series of videoscribe presentations focusing on handy, money-saving tips for businesses.

The series of videoscribes follows a naive office worker making simple mistakes that cost his business time and money. Each video illustrates one problem, then provides a simple tip to solve it. Using a clear, informal VoiceOver and illustration drawn by our Creative Director Geoff Hill, the videoscribe takes on a light persona that has proved popular with the Optimum Office Supplies' audience.

"Hill Langdell are a creative whirlwind, not only coming up with a quirky, hand-drawn style for our videos, but creating characters and voices that were totally unique to our project."

Samir Fahmy, Founder and Director

If you think featuring your company on YouTube is expensive, you should call Hill Langdell on 01773 880777 and get your marketing animated!

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